Make a list of 21 details from your life, interesting facts that describe some small, random part of who you are.

Here are 11 of my 21 details:

  1. We moved 20 times while I was growing up and I attended 13 schools.

  2. My biggest pet peeve is when the waiter takes my food before I’ve finished.

  3. I eat salad with my hands. And never with dressing, writers per hour review 

  4. The worst feeling in the world is the dentist’s air suction tube sucking air over my teeth.

  5. I love popping bubble wrap.

  6. When I was young I used to use my finger to wipe off the top layer of toothpaste that I shared with my sister so I wouldn’t get her germs.

  7. I’ve never, ever seriously contemplated suicide.

  8. I find most people fascinating and can talk to just about anyone.

  9. I’ve won several awards in my life, but I’m most proud of these two: finishing second in the elementary school Spelling Bee when I was nine and being named MVP of the middle school floor hockey All-Star game when I was eleven.

  10. The most painful thing I ever experienced was breaking my kneecap in the 10th grade during a basketball game. The physical pain wasn’t the worst part, though: it was losing the rest of the season and watching my team go 0-18.

  11. My three younger brothers and I have never, as far as I can remember, ever had a fight.

See how each is a little tiny glimpse into my world? It’s impossible to capture all of who you are in 25 or even 500 words, but with a few, carefully chosen details, a portrait begins to emerge. Think of these 21 details as a collage.

Once you’ve written your 21 details, look for themes. Is there anything that comes up again and again? That may be a good theme for your essay.

What are some random facts about you? Comment below.

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