You only get 150 characters to list activity on your college app: how do you make the most of them? Like this:

1. To fit in more info: use lists, don’t use complete sentences, cut extra words.

Instead of: I raised money to donate to a school in Ghana in Africa by selling t-shirts and bracelets, college admission essay writing service
Try: Arranged advertising events, organized fundraisers, and gave presentations at school meetings.

2. Use active verbs to explain what you actually did–and list your tasks.

So instead of: I worked at a clinic doing different things.
Try: Organized patient diagnosis notes, sterilized tools for surgeries, assisted with x-ray analysis.

See how that makes it sound like you actually were involved?

3. Use the present tense if it’s something you still do.

Instead of: I helped tour visitors around the campus and presented some information on school history and student life.
Try: I give campus tours, providing info on school history, student activities, boarding life.