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Done With Applications? Now Set Your Facebook to Private

Turns out college reps aren’t the only ones FB-stalking you.

“We check the Facebook page of not only potential hires, but volunteers as well,” says Yvonne Sawyer, COO at the non-profit Hope for Miami (and, full disclosure, my mother in-law).

I asked Mrs. Sawyer what sorts of photos are red flags for her and she emailed to say, “As an employer we’re not excited about discovering photos of them displaying drunk behavior or revealing too much skin. Between interviewing and training a new employee, it costs us a lot of money to hire someone. So a quick FB check can help make or break a hiring decision, for sure.”

Listen to the woman; she has a Ph.D in Common Sense.

If you’re starting to freak out a little bit, keep calm and do this:

  1. Take down the embarrassing photos. And untag yourself in the ones your friends have posted of you, or ask them to take them down, do my essay at $10

  2. Change your FB settings to “private” so no one you don’t know can see your photos.

But here’s an even better idea: look at this as an opportunity.

If 30 percent of college reps really are checking out your Facebook profile, why not post some stuff that might actually help your chances?

If you’re applying Early Decision to Stanford, for example, why not change your cover photo to a giant I LOVE STANFORD photo? Okay, that could be embarrassing if you don’t get in or if you end up applying to a bunch of schools through the regular decision and forget to change the photo.

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