But what if you’re writing a “Why us” statement for a school that isn’t your top choice? How do you get excited about that school? How do you fake it?

Tip #1: Don’t fake it.

What do I mean? If a school is on your list and you’re not excited about it, why is it on your list? Take it off. Or, better yet:

Do your research and get excited about the school. Chances are, you may not be excited about a school because you don’t know much about it yet. Try this: think of a school you’re not excited about applying to but probably will, and write down on a piece of paper everything you know about it. (Not a ton, eh?) See, here’s something you may not have been told do my essay online.

Finding a school that “fits” you is an active process, not a passive one. That’s one reason I appreciate and am an advocate for the “Why us” essay–you get to (read: have to) research and find out if the school you’re pledging your allegiance to is actually one that you want to pledge your allegiance to. So get researching! (For research resources go here.)