What’s the FAFSA? It’s the online form you fill out to get financial aid from the government. To most of you reading this blog, that means this: FREE MONEY.

But you can’t get it if you don’t apply.

So before we get to the myths, heed this advice: File your FAFSA early.

When? Like, now. January.

Why? Some schools give money on a first-come, first-served basis. And when the money is gone then it’s, well, gone.

Here are some of the myths that keep students from applying, courtesy of this rad video from the good folks at FAFSA:

MYTH #1: My parents make too much money.
ACTUALLY: There’s no income cut-off for federal student aid. So apply no matter what!

MYTH #2: My parents have to file their taxes before I submit my FAFSA.
ACTUALLY: You can put in estimated info based on last year’s tax return, then update it later, once mom and dad have done their taxes or pay to write my essay.

MYTH #3: Filling out the FAFSA is too hard and complicated.
ACTUALLY: It takes about 30 minutes. Plus, FAFSA provides step-by-step instructions, live chat, and phone help.