Q: Why do you work on a sliding scale, Ethan?

A: Because I believe that all students deserve access to quality college application resources and advice, I offer all my courses for free or pay-what-you-can.

Q: how do I work with you and your team?

A: The fastest way to get in touch is to fill out this form. Someone from my team will get back ASAP.

Q: Do you work with anyone who asks for your help?

I work with just a handful of students one-on-one each year, and my team works with a few dozen students. I also work with a bunch of amazing volunteer counselors who commit to offering 4 hours of free college essay help to high-achieving, low-income students through the Matchlighter’s scholarship.

But thousands of students use my resources each year, and that’s why I created College Essay Guy in the first place. 🙂

Q: Under what circumstances will you not work with a student?

A: If I’m too busy.

Q: What if I really really need help but I have like no money?

A: Check out all the free resources on my site! Any paid resource is also available at Pay What You Can. And check out my Matchlighter’s scholarship, too, for free one-on-one help for low-income students.