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What does Test-Optional mean?

More and more colleges are becoming test-optional, meaning they do not require students to submit standardized test scores (ACT, SAT) but still provide the option to do so.

Without test scores to guide their admissions decisions, test-optional colleges will be looking more closely at a student’s:

…and other supplemental information.

What does Test-Flexible mean?

Test-Flexible basically means that it depends. You’ll need to check the school’s testing policies to see if you qualify to opt-out of submitting your test scores. Some examples of these qualifications are your income, location, type of school you attend (U.S., International), whether you’re a native English speaker, or your residency status.

If I have test scores available, should I submit them to a test-optional school?

Generally speaking, yes. Include anything that will help colleges get a better picture of who you are. Especially if the school lists test scores as “optional but recommended.” Especially if you got a good score.

Unless you can’t afford the tests, don’t have access to a testing center, or you just cured cancer and now have your pick of the ivy league litter, you should probably take the test.

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