Heads-up: this post was put together with our good friends at TS College Tours, and most of the questions below are theirs. They have TONS of resources and information at their website: https://www.tscollegetours.com/


  • Does your school offer any unique majors?

  • Can students easily change their major? 

  • What majors get the most resources and research money on campus? 

  • What’s the student-faculty ratio in my major?


  • What percentage of students return for sophomore year?

  • What percentage of students graduate in 4 years? In six years?

  • What’s the job placement rate for last year’s graduating class?

  • How long does it typically take recent grads to find a full-time job in their career field?

  • Is there a limit on credit hours, and any extra credit fees I should know about? 

Financial Aid

  • Do financial aid packages usually change after freshman year, or stay the same?

  • What kinds of need-based scholarships are offered? In my major?

  • What kinds of financial aid are offered here?

  • What’s the average amount of financial aid given?

  • What percent of students accept loans?

  • What percent of students have merit-scholarships?

  • What kinds of work-study opportunities available on campus?

In the Classroom:

Answers to the following may be major-specific, btw:

  • How much writing do freshmen tend to do? 

  • How much reading? 

  • Do faculty members teach the courses, or do TAs?

  • How often are students asked to work in groups on projects?

  • How often do students perform class presentations?

Student-Faculty Interaction:

  • How do students typically get to know faculty and join research positions?

  • What are examples of some research opportunities other students have participated in?

  • In what ways are faculty members accessible and supportive to students?

  • Aside from grades, how else do students receive feedback on their assignments?

  • How often do students get to speak with their professors about their career plans?

  • How often do students and faculty work on committees or projects together outside of class?

Campus Learning Opportunities:

  • Do students get the opportunity to TA or tutor other students?

  • What honors programs are available?

  • Are there any distinctive learning communities on campus?

  • How many study-abroad opportunities are available?

Career and Academic Advising

  • How often do students meet with their academic advisors?

  • How long do students receive advising after graduation?

  • What networking or career fairs are held each year?

  • Are there opportunities to network with alumni on campus?

  • What kinds of on-campus or local part-time jobs are available?

Campus Culture

  • What percent of students on campus participate in Greek (fraternity, sorority) life?

  • How large is the student government, and what opportunities are available?

  • What’s an example of something that student government has done for the school? 

  • How often do students interact with other students of different social, political, or religious backgrounds?

  • How often do students interact with other students of different races or ethnicities?

  • How many international students are on campus?

  • How has the administration dealt with issues of sexual violence?

  • How has the administration dealt with issues of discrimination?

Campus Services:

  • Is there a late-night shuttle service?

  • Are any buildings open to students 24/7?

  • Where do students go to study on campus? 

  • Which late-night study spots or lounges are available to students on campus?

  • Could you tell me about the library services available?

  • What tutoring services are available to students?

  • What computer labs and IT services are available for students?

  • Are there any art or music practice spaces available to students who aren’t majoring in the arts?

Dorms and Residential Living

  • How are the dorms and halls different from one another?

  • What portion of dorms are shared rooms, apartments, or other?

  • Are the dorms located all over campus or just in one place? 

  • What off-campus living opportunities are available to freshmen, and how do they compare to dorm amenities?


  • What are the meal plan options?

  • Which restaurants are included in the meal plan, and which aren’t?

  • How late are restaurants open on campus?

  • How many local businesses are on campus, and how many are national chains?

  • What kinds of coffee shops are on campus?

Questions for students not leading the tour:

Health and Fitness Services

  • What services are offered at the health center?

  • What are the fees for prescriptions at the health center?

  • What mental health services are available on campus? 

  • Are the mental health counselors licensed, or are they graduate interns?

  • How does the campus deal with stress and testing?

  • How many IM sports teams are on campus?

  • Is there an IM team for my sport? Meet-ups?

  • Are the athletic fields available to all students?

  • Is access to the gym free?

  • What are the gym hours, and how busy is the gym?

  • What facilities does the gym include?

  • Are there any nature/outdoor activities hosted on campus?

  • Does the campus have yoga studios?