This list was compiled by my screenwriter friends Ed and Whit.

Need more fun ideas? Hopefully this helps. Check out Part 3 here.



  • Love Languages. You’ve probably heard of the five love languages we all use to feel and express love. Now that you’re locked in a small space with your partner, it might be time to brush up on their love language and how to make them feel loved. Which one are they?

  • Draw Disney characters! Michael Woodside is teaching us how to draw a different Disney character every day at noon PST. So far: Goofy, Flounder, Pooh, and a bunch of other characters that parents and kids probably know but I don’t (Pua? Pascal?)


  • An earlier list had some meditation and a mindfulness app but UCLA has their own you might want to try.

  • We’re all stressed, feeling anxious. Well, here’s a brain hack to try and cut-off that endless anxiety.

  • Empathy is so in right now. In this South by Southwest session, a world leader in empathy science, Jamil Zaki, argues that our ability to care is not a fixed trait but a skill we can grow through patience. Additionally, SXSW (@SXSW) is partnering with Amazon @PrimeVideo for a 10-day streaming event of movies from this year’s (canceled) festival. It’ll be free to EVERYONE in the U.S. (yes, including NON-Prime members). Check both those feeds on Twitter for more details as they emerge. Now, back to empathy…

Read, Do, Play:

  • Free comics online! Marvel has an online subscription service and although they currently aren’t offering the entire service for free, there are always free comics available. So far, I haven’t seen any free comics from DC. Do better, DC!

  • Isolation journal. Yup, we’ve all SAID we were going to do one. Well, now’s your chance. With daily writing prompts from artists, musicians and writers. It’s free.

  • This is by no means a new site but it’s so old maybe we’ve forgotten about it? has free computer games like Plants vs. Zombies. Remember that one? And thousands more: strategy, word, hidden object, racing, etc. Many you can play without any downloading (just remember to enable your Abode Flash).


  • Bear hunting! If you have a kid you likely know the “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” song. Well, to help kids get through this pandemic you can put a bear in your window. That way, when kids go out for a walk they can go “bear hunting.” You don’t have to sign up and maybe no one will ever see your bear… but maybe someone will.

  • We’re all cleaning everything, right? Not just our hands, right? Well, why not learn to clean household surfaces the correct way? This one isn’t too fun but might be helpful.

  • Support indie bookstores! Sure, we all want to support them but Amazon is so easy! Well, now it’s just as easy to buy your books from indie bookstores! And they make more money if you do it. A one-stop shop for all your book needs and it’s all through indie book stores.