This list was compiled by my screenwriter friends Ed and Whit.

Need more fun ideas? Hopefully this helps. Check out Part 4 here.


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  • Not smelling so good? Who cares?! You’re stuck! Alone! In your house! Why am I yelling?! But if you’re like me and have always thought about switching to natural deodorant but were fearful of the “lag time” while your body adjusts — and smells — now’s your chance! I took my chance a couple weeks ago and it went great. Or so I tell myself! This is not a paid endorsement but I like do like Corpus Naturals.

  • The four best sleep apps (who decides this?) are free right now! Wash your hands and get some sleep! 

  • “Dance Dance Isolation!” I’m still workshopping the title. But here are a few dance classes you can take.

  • Working out at home but don’t want to buy all kinds of fancy gizmos? Take a look at this list of 30 household items which double as exercise equipment.

  • Some of us are already looking toward what will happen when this is all over. One man’s answer? We’re going to be gaslit into thinking we should just go back to the way we were before. Ignore all the birds singing, the ability to telecommute, the fun we’re having connecting with our family and friends. Well, it’ll be up to us to decide how to react when the time comes…