Many options are available to study in English across Asia, in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, China, and India. However, two standout destinations with established English educational systems and populations fluent in English are Hong Kong and Singapore. Hong Kong, the special administrative region of China, was run by Britain for many years. The university system historically worked on the UK model. In 2012, however, the length of the degree was expanded from three to four years, allowing greater flexibility of study. Hong Kong has 21 higher education institutions, eight of which are public universities that are well-regarded internationally.

Singapore has some world-class universities among its total of 34 institutions, including six public universities. As Singapore has developed its education system in recent years, it has introduced new universities in partnership with US institutions. Yale-NUS College offers a liberal arts education. The Singapore Management University was created in partnership with the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Essential Tips:

  • Tuition fees in Hong Kong range from $11,000 to $34,000 per year depending on the university and program, In Singapore you’ll pay between $12,000 and $37,000. Bear in mind that the cost of living can be very high in both cities.

  • When applying to a program of study, you need to prove your academic credentials through achievement (or predicted achievement) in some external examinations such as SAT, ACT, AP or SAT Subject Tests.

  • Applications are made directly to the universities; timelines will vary between each university.