This list was compiled by my screenwriter friends Ed and Whit.

Need more fun ideas? Hopefully this helps. Check out Part 7 here.


  • Target is hitting the mark (I’m so sorry) with these free coloring pages for kids or adults.

  • Kids are doing the best they can. Here’s a different look at discipline in the pandemic.

  • We’re all reading the news. A lot. Maybe too much? But adults aren’t the only ones reporting. Kids across the country are making their own newspapers. Here are ten. Maybe your kids would like to make one?


  • Jason Robert Brown. His name may mean nothing or everything to you. Die hard theater fans are an obsessive bunch. The Tony Award-Winning Lyricist/Composer presents his 58th residency concert at SubCulture to benefit staff and musicians. With special guests Shoshana Bean and Ariana Grande (ah! That name that means something to you). Watch it here.


  • More free games! The New York Times’ very addictive spelling game, Spelling Bee is free for everyone. Just be careful of the other “games” on the top and bottom of the page. They are just ads. At least on my computer.

  • To our frontline workers. Queen and Adam Lambert just released a new video to raise money and honor them. “You Are The Champions.” All donations go to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO.

  • Julliard’s students (current and former) put together one of those cool, collaboration videos. Music, dance and celebrity appearances. Watch it here.

  • Don’t wanna look up? How about straight ahead at an IMAX movie? Sure, it’s not as big and amazing on your home TV but Giant Screen Films is showing three of their educational/ museum IMAX movies for FREE. Mummies, dinosaurs and the ocean, watch them all free here.

  • It started in Australia but now over one million people have dressed up to take their garbage out. Take a look at some of these amazing costumes. Now give it a shot!

  • Music festivals are being canceled faster than you can say “Coachella” so why not take this time to see some of the best music festival moments of all time? From Beyonce at Coachella, to Hendrix at Woodstock, and Amy Winehouse at Glastonbury. Here are 15 of the best.

  • Mystery Science Theater 3,000 Live Riff-Along is here for your stay-at-home needs. For those who don’t know it, MST3K is a show that watches old/bad movies and says funny things from the audience. That’s a terrible description; the show is great. They’ve gotten together for a new episode which aired May 3. Their new short, Circus Day, debuted before the centerpiece, Moon Zero Two, which had the current cast riffing between the original cast’s jokes back from 1990. Visit their YouTube re-airing of it.

  • Animation. I love it and have had the pleasure to work in the field with some talented artists and producers. Here are some lesser-known animated shows from the past for your enjoyment. The Wonder 3 (1965), Mars and Beyond (1957), and The World of Tomorrow (1949-1954). I think they’re safe for kids but what do I know? Oh, The Wonder 3 has subtitles, the rest don’t.

  • Help NASA’s supercomputer by playing a video game in your underpants. Ok, you can play the game in whatever you want. But the idea remains the same: the more people who play this coral game, the more we help teach NASA’s computers to do the same. Read the press release, download the game, help save the planet!

  • Read more, faster, and free-er. Well, it’s always free at your local library. And now, Libby — the app that connects you to your local library — is making it even better. Libby is now allowing “simultaneous-use titles” which means multiple people can check out the same audiobook, comic book or old-fashioned-regular book. Less wait, still free. It’s not allowed everywhere yet but they say it’s in about 90% of the libraries around the country. Download Libby here.


  • You want to be a film editor? Final Cut Pro X is free for 90 days! Don’t seem to be any strings attached to download (no credit card to download but I’ve heard rumors that once you try and USE the program it asks for a credit card to charge you if you go over the free 90 days. Haven’t confirmed but set a calendar reminder). Go here to download. Go here for free tutorials. Come out of this pandemic a fantastic film editor!

  • AirBnB probably isn’t renting a lot of houses these days. But that won’t stop them from bringing you new places and experiences. Try these online experiences for a fraction of the cost of renting a home. Wine tasting, cooking classes, even bobsledding with an Olympic athlete.

  • We can’t do much BUT sit around and watch stuff. So why not take some pictures? A whole bunch of online, high-end photography classes are free right now. Check out this list.