Pandemic put a damper on your summer plans? 

Looking for something else to do?

Sure, you could create a virtual mentoring program, start a non-profit, or finally get around to developing that coronavirus vaccine.

Or you could do less. 

You could just decide to do… well, you.

Here are some ideas, inspired by my friends Whit and Ed.

  1. Find a screwdriver and go around the house using it to tighten everything you can with it. 

  2. The Northern Lights are on livestream all the time.

  3. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has guided meditation videos with jellyfish, turtles, and other relaxing critters.

  4. These 12 museums worldwide are offering virtual tours.

  5. Check out these four great sleep apps.

  6. Tons of great board games have gone digital. If you haven’t heard of Humble Bundle, here’s the gist: you can pay $1 and get a bunch of games. Or you can pay more and get more. I heart games.

  7. Harry Potter at home! I’m reading it now with my daughter so…

  8. Turns out we should all be doing squats.

    And, okay, if you want to get a little productive: 

  9. Read The Uninhabitable Earth or Doing Good Better.

  10. Actually, Project Gutenberg has been making books in the public domain free for years. 60,000 free books.

  11. Here’s a list of 450 Ivy League courses that you can take online for FREE.

Want more ideas? Click here and either search for the word “pandemic” or just scroll down.