This list was compiled by my screenwriter friends Ed and Whit.

Need more fun ideas? Hopefully this helps. Check out Part 8 here.

For the kids (k-12):

  • You just gotta love LeVar Burton. From Reading Rainbow to Star Trek: The Next Generation, he’s always been there for every generation. And covid isn’t going to stop him. LeVar Burton Reads great books three times a week, one for kids (Monday, 9am PST), one for young adults (Wednesday 3pm PST), and one for adults (Friday, 6pm PST). Give him a listen.

  • I’ve seen a lot of kids (and some adults) saddened by the fact they can’t go to theme parks these days. Disney stockholders are also pretty sad I bet. Well, this isn’t an all-day park pass but SoCal Adventures has dozens of rides and attractions on their site. Put it up on your TV and it feels a bit like the real rides. And it’s not just Southern California. I saw ones from Shanghai and a bunch of other places.

  • Some of you have high schoolers. Maybe they were planning on college visits. Not anymore? Try this to best “tour” campus.

  • PYOP. Paint Your Own Pottery. Kids and adults alike love pottery so why not do some while we all sit here? Contact your local pottery studio — many still doing their best to stay open — and buy a PYOP kit. Here’s more info with a list of some studios.

  • Amazing kid activities! These are exactly the kind of things I’d love to do as a kid. The Children’s Museum of Manhattan is doing all they can to entertain and educate your young ones with this fantastic list of activities.

  • Coloring books! Hundreds of them, free to download and print! Dozens of museums are releasing their coloring books for your tots. Check them all out here.

  • Kids still love The Lion King, right? Well, Disney is now offering children an immersive introduction to theater through the lens of The Lion King. The curriculum is split between ages 8-11 and ages 12-15. The lessons were originally designed to accompany schools’ productions of the musical but Disney has now adapted it to at-home learning. And it’s all FREE. Go here to download the content.

  • Chris Hemsworth has a fitness app because of course he does. But Chris Hemsworth also narrates mediations to help children with their anxiety. Go to his app’s Instagram page or Twitter to hear the dulcet tones of Thor lull your children to sleep and soothe their anxiety.

Minor Life Hacks:

  • Glasses fogging up with your face mask on (you’re always wearing a mask outside, aren’t you. Even when you’re “not super close to anyone?)? Here’s one way to keep them crystal clear.

  • Don’t let those chompers go to seed! Only go to the dentist in an emergency (yes, that’s allowed) but here are some tips on how to avoid the dentist in the first place.

  • Pit stains! You’ve got ‘em, you hate ‘em. I’ve always told myself I’d get rid of them when I have the time. Well, we got it now. There are dozens of ideas on how to do it. Here is a list of a few.

  • FaceTime flip. Many of you are using FaceTime on your computer more than ever. What you may not realize is that on your computer you can flip your screen. While you’re speaking with someone, hover your pointer over your OWN picture and an arrow will appear, kind of a U-turn. Press that to flip the view of you to horizontal. Great when you have two people trying to fit.

  • A friend of mine told me the number one thing she’s learned during this pandemic is how often men get their hair cut (and how often they complain when they don’t). To help with this grooming disaster, The Art of Shaving is giving free online tutorials on their Instagram page and offering free one-on-one virtual consultations.


  • Miss hotels? Probably not. But if you’re anything like me you miss their cookies. Remember those free ones in the lobby? So here’s the recipe for DoubleTree’s chocolate chip cookies.

  • Dollywood makes the best cinnamon bread in the world. And now you can make it, too. They’ve shared the recipe for all to share and eat. Your move, DoubleTree.

Keep your mind strong:

  • We’re entering into our ninth week. At least I hope we all are. Don’t worry if you’re not nine weeks yet, you can make-up your extra isolation weeks after we get the vaccine and the rest of us are done with this thing. And for those feeling quarantine fatigue? This behavior and public economist (no idea what that is) has something to say about that.

  • We’re all on Zoom. Just Zooming and Zooming. But who among us is an expert on-air personality? Actually, a few of you on this list are. But for the rest of us there’s Al Roker. And Chris Hayes. And Tamron Hall. Might want to give their tips a read to see how to act and look your best as you Zooooom.

Keep your mind entertained:

  • Jerry Seinfeld (example: Senfield) dropped his new Netflix comedy special: “23 Hours to Kill.

  • This has been around for years but maybe you’ve never heard of it. The New Yorker, famous for its one-panel captioned cartoons, has a contest every week to put YOUR caption on THEIR cartoon. Give it a shot this week and every week.

  • Virtual Field Trips! Creative Mornings present fun, free classes you can join. Explore tarot cards, storytelling, or your own closet! All kinds of fun things to learn and discover here.

  • It wouldn’t be a week in isolation without a virtual choir singing us a song. This one comes from graduate student, Harrison Sheckler, from the Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn College. But over 300 people in 15 countries helped bring Carousel’s “You’ll Never Walk Alone” to life.

  • Greatness. What does it require to become truly great? Here are four portals to greatness including documentaries on Muhammad Ali and Frank Ocean as well as a live weekly museum/ cocktail hour. Read about it all here.

  • Trivia Night! You can have a fantastic trivia night with your family and friends over Zoom. Did you know that bubble wrap was originally invented as a 3-D wallpaper? That a group of monkeys is ACTUALLY called a barrel? This is the kind of stuff you can learn and triumph with at Super Script Trivia. Live host, teams, private breakout rooms over seven rounds and two to three hours of fun. Yes, it costs money but it can now be done virtually and is just you and your friends. No weird strangers. And we all know weird strangers are the worst part of trivia night.

  • 360 degree dog sledding. A short ride through the Alaskan forest. And you can look anywhere! Up, down, behind you, or just enjoy the pups pulling you through the snow. Jump on here.

  • Tired of traditional puzzles? Always interested in, but never actually went to an escape room? Now you can have both! Two player online puzzle/escape rooms. These are really cool and you can play them with someone in your house or a friend over Zoom. It’s simple: you click on “Start Player One” and your friend, on their own screen, clicks “Start Player Two. Then you’re on an adventure together but can only see YOUR information. You have to share and work together to succeed. Here are three great ones: Bank Heist, Alone Together, and Tick Tock: A Tale For Two. The first two are free, Tick Tock costs six bucks. And here’s a list of more virtual escape rooms.

  • More video games? Yes. I’m not sorry and I’m not going to stop. Here are 50 game designers each recommending a game they love. They vary from simple to pretty complex. Enjoy.

  • Alamo Draft House won’t stop trying to get movies inside your home. Alamo On Demand is new and full of all kinds of cool movies. New releases, classics and cult. Check them out here.

  • You may have seen this but Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” sung by actual seals is a delight.

Helping others:

  • Pandemic of Love. This is a grassroots organization that pairs people in need with people who can help. Grocery bills, a tank of gas, medical bills, etc. As the site describes, this is all volunteer-based and they do not certify the needs of those asking so go in with eyes wide open. But it seems to be working — helping over 50,000 families with over $7 million raised. If you can help, or are in need, take a look.

  • Ballet will never die. And world-famous Misty Copeland has gathered 32 of the best dancers across 14 countries in an effort to help support ballet companies. Swans for Relief. Watch their beautiful video here and consider donating if you feel compelled.