Take college prep courses. One of the best reasons to homeschool high school is the freedom to pick and choose the best classes and instructors and formats for you. Take online courses, community college classes, or homeschool co-op classes. Hire a tutor. Audit university classes. Design your own course. The choice is yours!

Consider testing. Before ninth grade, take a peek at some college requirements for homeschoolers. If AP or Subject Tests are in your plan, schedule those exams after the corresponding course.

Homeschoolers have 3 options when taking APs:

  1. Take an online AP course (and exam)

  2. Get your own AP syllabus approved by CollegeBoard 

  3. Self-study for the AP exam without an official AP course

Note: Only CollegeBoard-approved courses can be designated as AP on the homeschool transcript.

Another note: Test-optional schools may not be test-optional for homeschoolers and this varies by college. Be proactive about researching this and, if you can’t find the information on the school website, call your admission officer and ask. 

Follow your interests. You’ve heard it before. Do the things you love. Go deeply into your passions. Take advantage of the extraordinary freedom and flexibility that homeschooling has given you. 

Nurture relationships. It’s important for homeschoolers to proactively seek out and connect with academic teachers during high school. Many colleges require at least two teacher recommendations and you want these to come from teachers who can speak deeply and sincerely about who you are beyond academics.

Learn your state requirements. Be sure you’re meeting your state requirements for homeschool graduation. This information can easily be found on your state’s Department of Education website. Know what these are before ninth grade!