5 Powerful Business-Builders: Link Round-up

This week’s links tackle the nosediving financial environment, freelance blog resources, types of freelance clients, ways to improve your writing, and (uncomfortable) ways to boost your income.

A much needed reality check for independents anxious about the tanking economy at Golden Pencil: Writers and a Slowed Economy.

Check out the Top 100 Freelancer Blogs for a nice compilation of good resources. I will humbly add QRW as #101.

Here’s a nice overview of the good and bad: Types of Clients you’ll Likely Encounter as a Freelancer.

A great reminder of trimming the fat: Just Say No to These Enemies of Clear and Direct Writing.

Reach outside of your comfort zone, and more business may be a result. Hard stuff, but check it out: 3 Uncomfortable Ways to Make More Money as a Freelancer.

And your bonus link of the week: An interesting (and sadly true) take on the rash of faked memoirs in Face It, We Love This Stuff.