That’s right. It’s a little known fact that the College Board posts all free response questions (along with sample answers, analysis, and grading rubrics!) for the written portion of the AP exams.  

Click here to visit the College Board website, click a course, and then click “Free Response Questions Index” or “Past Exams” about halfway down the page to find it.

(Why are they hiding this so well? Who knows.)

Tip: Practice outlining essays in March and April or use these to test your knowledge before your AP exam.

5. Meditation

That’s right: our own breath and mindfulness = best resource ever. Ever try meditation and fail? (Yeah, me too.) Here’s an eight-minute meditation exercise that features the most relaxing song ever. Or just listen to the song here.

6. O*Net Online

Amazing resource for learning about different jobs and careers. Not sure what you want to study, or specific jobs exist in your field? Just type a search term like “medicine” into the box at the top right. You’ll learn a lot in a little time.

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