Here are some reasons why hiring a college essay coach might not be a good idea:

1. It’s too expensive.

It can be. Some counselors charge up to $40,000 to work with students, or $14,000 for a five-day workshop. Think I’m kidding? Check it out. (Yeah, it’s nuts.)

2. You’re worried hiring someone else will take away valuable time that you could be spending with your child.

Totally. And working with your child through the college process can be an amazing learning and growth experience for you both. If you’re considering working together, here are some tips for how to do that and here’s a book that’ll help (oh, and just may change the way you think about parenting).

3. Your student has already written an international best-seller.

But even still, the best writers need editors.

Okay, I admit it, this whole “anti” argument is falling apart. I can’t even think of another reason why, if you can afford it, you wouldn’t want to work with an essay coach.

And here’s a quick word about not being able to afford it:

Some counselors are very affordable and most counselors, although they don’t advertise it, will work on a sliding scale. All you have to do is ask. (You’ll be amazed how many people don’t ask.)

And some counselors, like me, actually do advertise that they work on a sliding scale. So just ask.