First of all, what is the job of your college application?
To demonstrate a variety of amazing things about you: strengths, passions and anything else that shows you’d be a fantastic and valuable contribution to any college campus.

So how do you make sure your app is doing its job?
Begin by doing your job. And what’s your job? First:

1. Make a list of Everything You Want Colleges to Know About You
Here’s how to do that. In short, create a list of core qualities, essential values, interesting fun facts, brilliant achievements, important lessons, etc. Examples:

  • I’ll be the first in my family to attend college.

  • I speak four languages.

  • Family is super duper important to me.

  • I love running cross-country more than anything in the world; it’s the only time I feel truly at peace.

  • I’ve been to 29 countries.

  • I’m secretly the funniest person in the world. (Only one other person knows it.)

We’ll call these your “gems.”