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80+ Extracurricular Activity Examples for the Common Application

Graphics Editor and Editorial Writer (9th – 11th)
East Side High School Newspaper

Designed graphics (backgrounds, typesets, layouts, digital drawings); wrote and proofread peer articles; updated print newspaper to digital format.

Team Member (10th), Captain (11th-12th)
Science Bowl Team, Westing Charter School 

Directed practices, assigned each member roles, supervised preparation for competition, coordinated transportation to competitions (2 hrs/wk, 28 wks/yr).

Co-President (12th)
Foreign Film Club, Bayside High School

Selected several international films, facilitated discussions, updated members about local film events, watched The Motorcycle Diaries, Mustang, etc.

Student (Summer 2018)
Turley Program for Gifted Artists, intensive summer program for 100 selected HS artists in the Bay Area

Sketched drawings of still life sets/real life models, developed ability to creative ideate and engage with unconventional materials in critical workshops.

Volunteer (10th-11th) 
Alzheimer’s Family Services Center 

Taught watercolor classes to Alzheimer’s patients; encouraged greater patient participation & creative expression to mitigate the effects of dementia.

President  (10th – 12th)
National Latin Honors Society

Organized weekly class meetings, sent official announcements, led first council in school history to host non-profit fundraisers (2 hrs/wk, 30 wks/yr).

Public Forum Debater (9th-12th)
Speech and Debate Team, Broadview High School

Researched monthly topics on political and social issues, organized evidence, developed ability to speak extemporaneously, coached younger debaters.

Volunteer (Summer 2018)
CACH Medical Center

Aided Renal, Labor, and Delivery departments by monitoring front desk and organizing six years worth of backlogged medical records (8 hrs/wk, 20 wks/yr).

Sprinter/Hurdler (9th-12th), Captain (12th)
Cross Country/Track Team, Golden Oak High School 

Top-3 Soph/Frosh runner, led boy’s sprinting team in meets and races, aided coaches in organizing daily workouts, emotionally supported team members. 

Coxswain (9th – 10th)
Varsity Crew Team, Summerfield High School 

Executed drills in boat and indoor training, discussed strategies and plans with coaches, assessed strengths and weaknesses of individual rowers.

Student (Summer 2019)
Georgetown U’s Medical Institute, intensive summer program for high schoolers interested in medicine

Studied medical techniques (took vital signs, drew blood, analyzed human cadavers) to prepare for clinical medicine career. Treated patient simulator.

Lead Decorator (12th)
La Familia Club, school club devoted to increasing cultural awareness about the Latinx community

Organized community cultural events about Latinx cooking and holidays, coordinated creation of traditional Mexican art mural installation on campus.

Mentor (9th-10th)
Girl Scouts Troop 43250

Mentored 10 young girls in arts and crafts; spearheaded troop exhibit representing Italy at cultural community fair; brainstormed troop activities.

Student (10th)
Brown University’s Online Pilot Course: Making an Impact 

Selected participant in Brown University’s Leadership Institute, analyzed social change model of leadership development and applied lessons to GCLI.

Flute First Chair (11th-12th)
Concert Band, Oakwood High School

500+ hrs. over 4 yrs. 8 tournaments, 22 concerts. Received Div.1 at 2016 Solo and Ensemble Contest. Attended band trips to Dallas/Austin/Orlando.

Starting Point Guard (10th – 12th)
Varsity Girl’s Basketball Team, Foothill Academy

500+ hrs. over 4 yrs. Conference title. Learned the value of strategy, teamwork, and positivity. Led warmups. Trained everyday afterschool.

Volunteer (9th)
Doha Beach Clean Project

Participated in beach cleanups and environmental education for locals and expats, spread the word about organization events in school and local community.

Chief Volunteer (10th-11th)
Tutor of Peers in Education, cross-cultural tutoring program between American and Korean students

Developed study plans for tests, taught fundamental math skills to 3 underprivileged students in Siheung, established interpersonal connections with tutees.

Team Member (9th-12th), Captain (11th-12th)
JV and Varsity Tennis Team, River Fork Academy

Number 1 Singles, Number 2 Doubles. Attended the University of Notre Dame and Pepperdine University tennis camps to improve accuracy and strength of shot.

Intern (Summer 2017)
Holston Medical Center – Neurology Department

Recruited students for study on relation between cerebral microbleeds and head contact sports, used data to expand Center’s ability to provide effective care.

Delegate (9th-12th), Captain (12th)
Model United Nations, Dulaney High School

Debated world issues with peers in various conferences; Selected and traveled to UC Berkeley and London to compete in a conference. (See Add’l info.)

Founder (11th-12th)
Global Connective Leadership Institute, an international nonprofit organization with 501c3 status 

Distributed international social justice resources to the local community. See additional info and short extracurricular essay for details. www.gcli.net

Board Member (10th-12th)
Parish Services Board, in charge of arts funding for partner Title I school

First trimester leader for the community service board. Led the chapel talks and schoolwide fundraising events, chose each trimester beneficiary.

Representative (10th-12th), Commissioner of Media (11th-12th)
Sophomore Class Council, Brady High School

Brainstormed ideas for school events, coordinated weekly grade-level meetings and activities. Produced, and edited all short films for school events.

Math Tutor (Summer 2020)
Self-started tutoring business

Dedicated one-on-one tutoring for arithmetic/geometric sequences and series, trigonometry identities analysis, and factorial/exponential combinations.

Volunteer (10th-12th)
Boys and Girls Club, Pearson County Local Chapter

Tutored students and facilitated games once a week, established and taught a summer tennis clinic for a group of ten year old students.

Founder & President (10th-11th)
SAT Skill Building Club, Shady Hill Charter School

Organized weekly meetings and lessons, coached students on techniques for the three parts of the test, raised money for resource costs and upcoming lessons.

Co-founder and Vice President (10th-12th)
Feed2Food, outreach organization providing food/shelter for homeless people in Kansas City

Helped alleviate homelessness and develop relationships by collecting toiletries and handing them out to the homeless in Midtown, Westport, and Armour Hills.

President (August 30th 2015 – June 9th, 2016)
National Art Honors Society

Organized and ran meetings, set up field trips, brainstormed and created group art activities, wrote and sent newsletter to members (5 hrs/wk, 20 wks/yr).

Delegate (10th-12th), Director of Technology (12th)
Model United Nations

Supervised conference technology access, managed MUN website to optimize navigation. Improved public speaking and research skills serving as a delegate.

Academic Interviewer (11th-12th)
Student Ambassador Club, Hillside High School

Personally talked to undecided students about their plans for the future both academically and non-academically, provided guidance and moral support.

Secretary (11th)
Teen Educational Foundation, youth group focused on increasing access to critical educational resources

Fundraised for our community/surrounding communities, organized City Council/Board of Education forums, and donated grants to High School clubs.

Volunteer (Summer 2015, 2016)
Special Olympics World Games, annual sports event for children with special needs

Ran the information booth, gave parking directions, escorted athletes to venues, organized shuttles, helped athletes navigate the activity booths.

Junior Volunteer (Summer 2019)
Meredith Hospital

Led 2 hours of music therapy tri-monthly for patients, visitors, staff; assisted with paperwork, patient needs, cleaning, and orienting hospital visitors.

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