Things to Do From Home During a Pandemic: Part 7

This list was compiled by my screenwriter friends Ed and Whit.

Need more fun ideas? Hopefully this helps. Check out Part 6 here.

Get Happy 

Get Smart (and Creative) 

  • Create To Connect. A new program that gives you a creative assignment every day in May. It hopes to get your creative spirit going and improve your well-being.

  • Coursera is offering their online courses for free! The catch is: you have to be on unemployment in a state that has signed up for the program. So far, Illinois, Arizona and Oklahoma are signed up but they expect more to come in the following weeks.

  • Even Melania is trying to help! She tweeted a word search puzzle for kids. Be best! (Hint: “Best” is a diagonal-up, left to right, smack dab in the center, starting four rows down). 

Get Away 

  • In a past post we listed a virtual tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House. Well, now we get to visit his other sites as part of #WrightVirtualVisits. Fallingwater, Monona Terrace, Taliesen and so many more. Every Thursday at 1pm ET/10am PT, each site will share a short video of another site. Continues through July 9th. Click here for the list of sites

  • You don’t like video games! I get it. They’re boring, not story-driven and definitely not for everyone. But these are new and trying times. Maybe trying a video game would help you. Still not convinced? Here’s a list of 10 story-driven video games for first-timers

  • Use and support Facebook at your own risk but they are launching Facebook Messenger Rooms (ahead of schedule) which allow up to 50 people to join in a video chat. It may take a while to roll out to all of us but learn more here

Get watching

Get Healthy 

  • Drawing while you run! With Strava. Yes, it’s a running app but these are desperate times. Why not make some art while you get in shape? And it might make the arduous task of running more enjoyable — for you, your spouse, or even your kids!

  • Let’s try and come out of this isolation healthier than we were! One way is to use these in-home fitness routines

  • Bill Gates knows a thing or two about pandemics. He’s been warning us for years to prepare. We didn’t. Now he has some thoughts on what we need — and need to do — before returning to our previous lives. Read it here

  • Tired of rice and beans? They live again with this Peruvian take on the old staples

Get Help 

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