What is a College Fly-in?

These travel subsidy programs typically offer overnight campus visits for populations traditionally underrepresented in higher education, such as racial and ethnic minorities or families in which no one has attended a four-year institution.

Who is eligible to attend?

Institutions actively seek students from traditionally underrepresented communities. Students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds and students whose parents didn’t attend a 4-year college or university are also encouraged to take advantage of these programs. Students are usually invited for fly-in programs during their senior year. But note that some programs are only available to already admitted candidates. Eligibility varies from place to place so always consult the admission office for clarification.

How do I find out about fly-in programs?

Students need only sign up with colleges to receive this information. In some cases they are invited to apply by submitting an essay, transcripts, and test scores. In other cases, fly-in programs invite eligible students to RSVP on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Advice for Students Unable to Visit Campus