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College Admissions

What is Holistic Review? 

Holistic review is a process, recently adopted by the University of California school system, in which student applications are reviewed in the context of particular challenges a student has had to endure. (To put it bluntly, under holistic review, a minority student growing up in South Central…

College Admissions

Five Common Myths About College Majors 

Myth #4: If I get a humanities or liberal arts degree I’ll be “unemployed and unemployable” because I won’t have any marketable skills. Nope. One recent study suggests, in fact, that over the long haul humanities and social science majors out-earn those who went through professional and…

College Admissions

How to Choose a Major 

So what do you do? Deciding how to pick your major doesn’t have to be all painful. Schwartz has some good advice, which I’ve adapted here for the high school senior picking a major: Decide what’s most important to you. Sound impossible? It’s not, actually. Take…