Roundup: 7 Freelancing and Creativity Links

Hello QRW readers! And a happy Tuesday to you. This is a relatively slow work week here in the QRW headquarters, a well-timed slow week with moving day being Saturday. In addition to packing up all my belongings and purging six years worth of trash, I’m taking time to revisit my marketing plan and my daily processes. And nothing helps a marketing and creativity brainstorm like some timely and helpful links. Enjoy.

Free eBook! The Simple Web: A Philosophy for Getting What You Want:
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As bloggers and webmasters, we want most or all of these things: more visitors, more subscribers, more comments, more money, more inbound links, and more people saying good things about us. Our wants aren’t in question. It’s the how that gets us. It’s the how that has us reading a dozen blogs a day, trying to find the answer (or at least a little piece of it).

Ways to Get More Customer Referrals for Your Freelance Business:

In the world of freelance, customer referrals are everything. The amount of customer referrals will often determine how successful one’s business can really be. As word spreads quickly, having customers refer others to you and your services is a wonderful way of gaining new business and making more money. There are a few distinct ways to get more customer referrals for your business.

Do You Recognize These 10 Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking?

So, rather than looking for ways to inspire creativity, you should just realize the truth. You’re already capable of creative thinking at all times, but you have to strip away the imaginary mental blocks (or boxes) that you’ve picked up along the way to wherever you are today.

The Time Vs. Task Dilemma: Why You Could Be Working Too Much:

There’s nobody telling us to go home at the end of the day, there’s no point beyond which our work is unpaid simply because it’s late in the evening, no time when the office lights start to go out, no pre-paid hours. We complete a task, we get paid, and we can complete most tasks at any time of the day or night, on any day of the week. It’s no surprise that many freelancers are overworked. The lure of “one more project, one more invoice” can be hard to resist.

13.2 Ways Not to Get Rich Online:

I began to think about all the ways people try to get rich quick online. Plenty of how tos and information exists. Rather than write about new methods of earning money, I’ll write about what won’t make you wealthy.

Write Just One Thing Today, and Write it Well:

I think sometimes we start writing with a fuzzy idea in our heads of what it is we want to write. For that reason, we might procrastinate on writing because we’re not sure what it is we want to accomplish — it’s just a vague, undoable goal (”gotta write my book today”) and that’s hard to wrap your head around.

How to Telecommute Successfully: 50 Tips and Resources:

Telecommuting is a beautiful thing, what with skipping traffic and wearing fuzzy slippers to work. However, working from home doesn’t come without its trials. If you’re not prepared for them, you may find yourself experiencing a serious drop in productivity and motivation. Not to worry though, here are some tips that will have you on the path to telecommuting success with just at little effort and preparation.

Have a great Tuesday!

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