The Quiet Rebel Writer Makes NonResolutions

I refuse to call them resolutions. Resolutions are fleeting and fail without fail. Instead, they’re goals. Goals that just happen to be made around the new year. I made them, and they revolve around work – specific income goals, client wish lists, etc. All very statistical and nicely aggressive. I’m proud of them.

But I also made some other goals revolving around work/life, which, as any freelancer knows intimately, is hard to separate in our chosen profession. And I struggled with it last year – when to call it a day, when to respond after-hours to clients, and when to get out of my comfortable cave and talk to real, living, breathing people. I have a hermit tendency that’s given way too much room to grow with a home office and independent writing. So this year, my goal is to join a few more writers and networking groups, and take advantage of social opportunities when they arise.

I’m starting strong – signing up for some writers’ groups and meetings, reading for a book club or two, and reaching out to some folks I’ve never hung out much before, but who look pretty cool. I’m so proud of my introvert self.

I’ve heard that being introverted is naturally aligned with being a writer or other creative type. It makes sense – a willingness to devote yourself to unnatural hours and solitude means it probably feels comfortable. I’m definitely an introvert. I got over my adolescent fear of people and moved past the painfully shy period in my life. I learned to enjoy being with groups of friends at parties and out on the town, or simply one-on-one. But I also learned that I will often choose blissful solitude, whether its at home or going to a movie, when I have a choice.  For 2008, my goal then is for more balance. Give myself the quality me-time that I definitely enjoy, but also try to get out of the house and mingling more.

What about you? Any introverts in the house? Any social-themed goals for the new year?