St. Pat’s and a Creative Kick

Welcome to the week, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! For all you Chicagoans, you know this past weekend was a people watcher paradise, with drunk people garbed in green falling on sidewalks, packing bars, and vomiting in restaurants. Ah, what a good time. My own weekend was spent around people giddy not from alcohol but from cheap furniture. Gods bless IKEA.

So how to get back into the workweek after various forms of hilarity and excitement? A little inspiration, of course. Beat the block with our Monday date: a creative kick in the arse.

Previously we’ve focused on killer writing as an inspiration. For me, looking at writing I love reminds me of what’s possible, why I want to write in the first place, why my freelance life kicks ass, and why I enjoy creating. Whether that writing is in book form, songs, films and TV, or magazines, the quality specimens push me to keep an eye on the future and focus on my creative dreams and goals, but they also prod me to get back into the work of daily living.

But who says we have to stop at writing? Not me. Although I can’t paint or design myself, looking at striking artwork can be just as awe-inspiring and thought provoking as reading something profound.

So for today’s Monday Date, we’ll look at some pretty (and disturbing, be forewarned) pictures, after the jump.

The QRW Makes a Schedule

I like knowing what to expect. Call me a creature of habit, but I like knowing that almost every Wednesday night I have date night with J, that Friday nights we’re probably going to order sushi, that Saturday afternoons we hit LaBamba for a burrito lunch and then go book shopping. Patterns and routines can be boring if you let them, and it may be surprising to see someone that enjoys being quietly rebelliousprofess a love for habit. But I find routine can be constantly made new and exciting, while still being comforting.

Same goes for my web reading and blog visiting. I like knowing what to expect. I like knowing, for example, that although the insights will change and tidbits differ, I will find something freelance friendly and helpful everyday at Freelance Switch or Freelance Folder. I will find snarkiness and feminist quirk aplenty at Jezebel. And the list goes on throughout my blogroll.

I want to offer that same sort of quiet joy and comfort to my readers here at QuietRebelWriter. My goal with this blog is to spark freelance success for writers and creativity for all, by showing ways to flout the rules and thereby enrich your life. I want to be on your daily reading list, zipping into your RSS reader through subscription and into your Firefox or Explorer. So I’m telling you what you can expect. I’m telling you now, clearly and decisively, with excitement and a little scaredy-cat flutterings, what you will find here, and when.

Need more background? Wondering where the hell you just landed? Here’s some help, and here, and here.

Quiet Rebel Writer List of Contents:

Monday: Mondays are tough: ease into the week with a Monday Date, using lyrics, excerpts, poems, scenes and more to break the block and get a creative kick.

Tuesday: Freelancing lifestyle, issues, frustrations and joys in Tuesday’s Freelance Frenzy. Plus, tune in for a handy link round-up. Some of the best and the brightest from the past week.

Wednesday: Live vicariously through my attempts to get that damn novel published in Publishing Aspirations, and learn about tips, resources, and more in your own efforts. Plus, find a book to add to your case with Books to Read.

Thursday: Marketing successes and failures in Marketing Maven. Read about the transcendent power of writing with Writers who Matter.

Friday: At the end of week, all restraint is gone. It’s time for a well-mannered Rant, plus the new crazy sweeping the nation (or at least my office): Word Porn.

Until tomorrow.

UPDATE March 14: Ah geez. So the first week of the schedule is done, and I biffed it. I missed a few promised postings. Stupid loft closing. It eats up some time to own a piece of Chicago, all 1600 sq ft of it. But at least you know my plan, dear readers. And I’ll do my best to stick to it. :)