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Roundup: 7 Freelancing and Creativity Links

Hello QRW readers! And a happy Tuesday to you. This is a relatively slow work week here in the QRW headquarters, a well-timed slow week with moving day being Saturday. In addition to packing up all my belongings and purging six years worth of trash, I’m taking time to revisit my marketing plan and my daily processes. And nothing helps a marketing and creativity brainstorm like some timely and helpful links. Enjoy...


5 Powerful Business-Builders: Link Round-up

This week’s links tackle the nosediving financial environment, freelance blog resources, types of freelance clients, ways to improve your writing, and (uncomfortable) ways to boost your income...


The QRW Makes a Schedule

schedule.gifI like knowing what to expect. Call me a creature of habit, but I like knowing that almost every Wednesday night I have date night with J, that Friday nights we’re probably going to order sushi, that Saturday afternoons we hit LaBamba for a burrito lunch and then go book shopping. Patterns and routines can be boring if you let them, and it may be surprising to see someone that enjoys being quietly rebelliousprofess a love for habit...