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Phone Phobia: A Freelancer Conundrum

I hate the phone.

Remember as a teenager when you liked the phone? Each ring represented possibility. It could be a friend you were dying to talk to about all that had transpired during the day, or it could be that boy you were hoping would ask you to some nameless dance, even though said boy had no idea who I was. (Yes, the change in pronouns just now was deliberate. Ugh. I hated high school too. Maybe even more than the phone)...


Keeping the Pipeline Flowing

arctic_pipeline_t35591.jpgI often write for companies in the medical realm, where the term “pipeline” is all-important. Companies focus on the here and now, selling their products and increasing brand awareness and loyalty, all for the goal of making profit. But they also keep an eye on the future. They invest much time and money in creating the next product, the next big thing that will support the company and increase profits. They focus on the pipeline of new, business-building and sustaining products and activities, and therefore find succes...


The QRW Makes a Schedule

schedule.gifI like knowing what to expect. Call me a creature of habit, but I like knowing that almost every Wednesday night I have date night with J, that Friday nights we’re probably going to order sushi, that Saturday afternoons we hit LaBamba for a burrito lunch and then go book shopping. Patterns and routines can be boring if you let them, and it may be surprising to see someone that enjoys being quietly rebelliousprofess a love for habit...