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Quiet Rebel Writer: Freelance Success for Writers, Creativity for All.

I’m a writer. I write. I get paid for it. It’s a nice gig. At Quiet Rebel Writer, I write about this career: the glories, the pitfalls, the ceaseless rewards and rejections. I also write about what energizes me, sustains me, and pains me on my way to writing for business and for fun.

Writers have to be rebels. We have to take the idea of normal and turn it on its head. We have to examine the status quo and the world that exists around us, analyze it, question it, and present it to our readers in ways that make them think and see and feel. Writers have to be a little weird, perhaps even annoying or troublesome or inexplicable. We subject the world inside and outside to tremendous scrutiny, and it can leave us a little touched in the noggin. Writers also have to build immunity to levels of rejection and criticism that far exceed that for sanity.

So why do it? At Quiet Rebel Writer, I try to figure it out. I examine writing as a career, as I expand my freelance writing business and write fiction on the side. I look at writing as a self-sustaining, necessary activity that leads to effects both good and bad, and at the things from which my creativity and writing derive, all the ingredients for that strange brew inside. And I explore what could be termed side effects: the ideas and principles by which I live, ideas that “question the ‘quo,” that weave through a few “-isms,” and that find strength and support through more writing.

Want more? Some basic info, with some Proust-like tidbits:

  • The Quiet Rebel Writer is: Amy Lillard, Independent Writer
  • The Quiet Rebel Writer hails from: Chicago, by way of Iowa
  • Favorite journey: Prague
  • Words I like: empower, strong, why, fuck, enliven
  • Words I overuse: Oh, just wait!
  • Great loves of my life: JL, reading, writing, Chicago
  • (One) Idea of perfect happiness: Lying in bed with nowhere to be, under the covers, reading, alongside my man and my cat, lounging comfortably.
  • The trait I most admire in others: Fearlessness in helping others.
  • The trait I most deplore in others: Herd mentality combined with arrogant ignorance.
  • Favorite authors: Margaret Atwood, Cormac McCarthy, Salman Rushdie, many, many more in the genres of literary fiction, sci-fi, nonfiction

Contact the Quiet Rebel Writer at amy (at) amylillard.com. Find the Quiet Rebel Writer at:
Amy Lillard, Independent Writer